Amriphoto/ Getty Images People used to complain that using an e-bike was “cheating,” which I thought was dead and gone, writing a post two years ago, ” Let’s Stop Even Talking About E-Bikes Being ‘Cheating’ ” Yet as this recent tweet demonstrates, it is still happening. I have tried to make the case that e-bikes are often used differently than regular bikes, that people use them more often and go much farther, and have quoted a study which finds that e-bike riders get as much exercise as riders of regular bikes because they ride farther. Now a new study, ” Do people who buy e-bikes cycle more? ” gives us real numbers, and they are huge. Not only that, but the e-bikes are replacing cars more than they are replacing bikes. The researchers, Aslak Fyhri and Hanne Beate Sundfør, studied the before-and-after habits of people who bought e-bikes in Oslo, Norway. The e-bikes were Euro-style pedelec designs, which means that the rider has to pedal for the motor to run, there is no throttle. They compared these results to a group who were interested in e-bikes but had not yet […]


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