Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill As d iscussions continue around the potential of a rise of COVID-19, another significant challenge looms concerning the climate and ecological crisis. Environmental, Climate and Ecological industry groups are urging the UK government to take further action and implement new measures to enhance the protection of our biodiversity before time runs out. With more information and studies emerging, our society is beginning to understand the sheer scale of the climate crisis. Environmental and Climate campaigns have experienced a significant rise as more people voice their concerns and demand for decisive action. A combination of activists, scientists and academics are urging the UK government to implement a climate and ecological emergency bill specifically to target these areas safely and sustainably. If passed, the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill would provide additional support towards selected measures within the Climate Change Act 2008, including new steps to enable the government to deliver a strategy that focuses on reaching ambitious goals for ecology, climate change and biodiversity. To be successfully implemented and passed into law, however, the bill requires the support of a majority in Parliament. The associated measures have gained backing from several leading experts on climate, […]


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