Honeybee venom has shown promise against an aggressive type of breast cancer. Susan Walker / Moment / Getty Images Could honeybees hold the key to treating an aggressive form of breast cancer ? A new study out of Australia found that honeybee venom rapidly killed the cells for triple-negative breast cancer, a type of breast cancer that currently has few treatment options. “It provides another wonderful example of where compounds in nature can be used to treat human diseases,” said Western Australia Chief Scientist Professor Peter Klinken in a Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research press release . The research, published in Nature Precision Oncology Tuesday, was led by Dr. Ciara Duffy of the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research and the University of Western Australia. Perkins and @uwanews researcher Dr Ciara Duffy has found that honeybee venom can induce cancer cell death in hard t… https://t.co/N29IwLsu0s — The Perkins (@The Perkins) 1599006977.0 As far back as 1950, bee venom was shown to kill tumors in plants. It has also been shown to work against other cancers like melanoma, BBC News explained . However, Duffy said in the press release that this was the first time honeybee venom had […]


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