Pumpkins, squash and zucchini start out from the flowers of their vines. (Photo: MNStudio/Shutterstock) There are plenty of reasons why it’s smart to grow vegetables at home. You have easy access to nutritious local food, your immune system is boosted by soil microbes, and you get an array of health benefits like reduced stress and improved sleep. And, according to research published in the journal Landscape and Urban Planning , you’re also helping humanity take a bite out of climate change. The idea is similar to a 1940s victory garden , but for fighting pollution instead of fascism. Scientists from the University of California Santa Barbara, led by research professor David Cleveland, found that greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced by 2 kilograms for every kilogram of homegrown vegetables, when compared with store-bought vegetables. This is due to several factors, they report, including: converting a section of grassy lawn into vegetable production. producing food where it’s consumed — people’s homes — rather than at centralized farms, reducing the need for transportation. reusing some household gray water to irrigate vegetables, instead of sending it away to a wastewater treatment plant. composting food and yard waste in lieu of sending it […]


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