Photo Courtesy of Michael Vandenbergh For more than a decade, Michael Vandenbergh has studied the growing role private businesses are playing in the effort to tackle climate change as public interest in the issue surges. Despite the unprecedented coronavirus pandemic and the economic devastation that came with it, curbing climate change remains a top priority for Americans, with the issue likely to play a vital role in this year’s election , one recent survey found. That public concern—combined with what many see as a slow and inadequate response from governments—is a major reason why more and more businesses are taking steps to address their own role in the climate crisis and offering solutions to help mitigate its impacts, said Vandenbergh, the director of Vanderbilt Law School’s Climate Change Research Network. Under the Trump administration, officials in charge of federal action to address climate change have not only hit the pause button, but in many cases, moved in reverse. President Trump announced the withdrawal of the U.S. from the Paris climate accord in 2017, a process that will be completed on the day after the coming November elections. His administration is responsible for scaling back or eliminating over 150 environmental […]


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