The social media event highlights—and celebrates—Black people in nature Corina Newsome was scrolling through Twitter one morning in May when she saw the viral video of a white woman in New York’s Central Park threatening to call the police on a Black man who had asked her to leash her dog to protect ground-nesting birds. Newsome, a biology graduate student with a focus in ornithology at Georgia Southern University, was angry but not shocked. She knew that this incident was part of a larger pattern of white people weaponizing police against Black people outdoors. So when a fellow member of Black AF in STEM—an online forum of scientists and researchers—proposed launching a social media campaign to highlight Black people who bird, Newsome was eager to take part. “In 48 hours, we created #BlackBirdersWeek,” Newsome says. From May 31 through June 5, she and her colleagues encouraged Black outdoorspeople to take to social media with the hashtags #BlackBirdersWeek and #BlackinNature in celebration of Black visibility and resilience outdoors. The campaign also sought to open up dialogue about the racialized experiences of Black people in nature. Black people from all over the world shared photographs of themselves biking, hiking, conducting research, […]


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