Ethical investing has become a greater priority than ever. Countless people are looking for ways to invest in companies that are socially conscious and take efforts to help protect the environment. Unfortunately, being a socially conscious company is complicated even in the best of times. This is going to create a number of new challenges for ethical investors after we emerge from the pandemic. We all are waiting for 2020 to end. It hasn’t been great for the global community in any aspect. We are struggling with the consequences of the pandemic on top of the challenges created by climate change and increasing levels of pollution . Still, it has taught us many lessons and has caused a drastic shift in our thought processes and lifestyles. It made us aware that all the financial securities we were relying upon, they were just a myth. With millions of people losing jobs, the travel and tourism industry still suffering to a great deal, and consumer focus shifting from lifestyle products to necessities, it will have a rampant effect in the markets. All these developments mean that everyone needs a makeshift within their investment portfolio as recent developments have been quite revealing. […]


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