There are designers, and then there are eco designers who prove art and sustainability can easily marry. Sarah Turner is one such earth-friendly artist with a mission to get creative with post-consumer waste . Using drink cans that would likely end up in landfills instead of the recycling stream, Turner turns the metal into wall art that can initiate conversation about design, artistic elements and sustainability, all while offering visual appeal. Seeing the amount of plastic bottles and cans that ended up in the garbage inspired her creativity and a passion for this line of art. When talking about upcycling used cans, a kindergarten work table might come to mind, but Turner challenges consumers, saying, “Just because something is made from rubbish, it does not need to look like it.” For example, one framed piece shows her love of art and the planet with a colorful display of cutouts that fan out from a rainbow of small hearts in the center to larger hearts around the outside, with all of the colors resulting from existing aluminum soda cans. Another piece brings to life an autumn tree that, upon inspection, features fluttering butterflies as the leaves. Turner’s journey into finding […]


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