Congratulations are in order for new penguin moms Electra and Viola. The two female gentoo penguins welcomed a chick this month at an aquarium in Valencia, Spain, after successfully adopting, incubating and raising the egg from another couple, according to a press release from Oceanogràfic València. According to the aquarium, the two birds had begun to exhibit common breeding behaviors and started to build a nest together. When keepers observed their parenting instincts, they decided to transfer them a fertile egg from another penguin pair. The new chick is one of three that’s hatched so far this breeding season in the colony of 25 gentoo penguins. Penguin parents put great care into building their nests from pebbles and stones and defending them, the zoo said. They usually lay two eggs, and parents share the responsibility of incubating them by taking turns each day. After the chicks hatch, it takes them roughly 75 days to become independent. The two moms are a first at Oceanogràfic València. But while Electra and Viola are an “exceptional pair,” the aquarium noted, it’s not unusual for penguins and many other animal species to form same-sex couplings. In Australia in 2018, two male gentoo penguins […]


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