Cities across Europe and the Americas are drawing up plans to take street space away from cars in favour of cyclists and pedestrians in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Urban spaces are being temporarily remapped to prioritise people walking and cycling while maintaining social distancing of up to two metres in major cities around the world including London, New York, Paris, Berlin, Milan and Bogata. The initiatives come amid growing support for measures to make cities more friendly to pedestrians and cyclists. “Whenever feasible, consider riding bicycles or walking,” the World Health Organisation has advised . “The way to enhance freedom of movement without raising the risk of infection is to create more space,” said environmentalist George Monbiot. “Shutting streets to cars, so pedestrians can use them instead, is a good start. So is opening up golf courses, locked squares and other exclusive green places.” Today London has announced Streetscape , an action plan for rapidly building temporary cycle lanes and blocking vehicle traffic on residential streets. London plans may become permanent Mayor Sadiq Khan and Transport for London (TfL) announced that temporary cycle lanes are being planned for major routes around the city, and on-street parking and car […]


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