Pop-up “Corona Cycleway” on Avenue Leclerc in Paris, imagined by the Paris en Selle association. “Whenever feasible, consider riding bicycles or walking,” recommended the World Health Organisation (WHO) on April 21 in new technical guidance on moving around during the COVID-19 outbreak . Cycling and walking are useful for both social distancing and meeting the minimum requirement for daily physical activity, states the WHO guidance. Cities around the world have been giving over road space to cyclists and pedestrians during the pandemic, providing people with the sort of generous space generally allotted to motorists. Paris is the latest global city to roll out emergency bike lanes for the use of key workers and others during the lockdown. 650 kilometers of cycleways—including a number of pop-up “corona cycleways”—will be readied for May 11 when lockdown is eased in France. Before the Coronavirus crisis, Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo had promised that every street in the city would become cycle-friendly by 2024, but fears of gridlock caused by increased car traffic once the lockdown is eased are allowing officials to accelerate Hidalgo’s existing “Plan Vélo” transport changes . Move around by bike or foot, recommends the World Health Organization. On January 29, […]


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