We’ve been covering what I consider to be a lot of exciting electric cars that are about to hit the market or that just hit the market. As a result, it crossed my mind to highlight in listicle format what I think are the 8 best new electric cars in 2020. Naturally, some of these 8 are more compelling — and will see a lot more sales — than others on the list. However, I will not explore in depth how each of them compares to the others here and am not ranking them (I’m putting them in alphabetical order). I think there’s a lot of room to choose one or the other based on personal preferences and tastes. There’s much more info on each of these electric vehicles is in our archives, so I will link to the CleanTechnica archives of each one in the subheading/name. I’m also linking to the companies’ product pages for the models in the summary text about the EVs. BYD Han I’ve like some BYD cars. I’ve loved its heavy-duty EV push across the globe. But I never looked at a BYD vehicle and started drooling … until the Han . This vehicle […]


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