Wildlife underpasses, like this one in a section of U.S. Route 550 in Colorado, create safe passage for animals, not to mention fewer collisions with motorists. . Colorado Department of Transportation Colorado’s wildlife overpasses and underpasses are keeping both animals and drivers safe, according to the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT). That’s something we can all appreciate. There are 30 such wildlife corridors throughout the state, with two that cross a highway. “They’re extremely important,” Jeff Peterson, wildlife program manager for CDOT, told the Denver Post . “When you get into conflicts with wildlife, that raises the issue.” Safer roads for all Statistics obtained by the CDOT showed that from 2006 to 2016 on U.S. Highway 160, in the area between Durango, and Bayfield, drivers and animals collided 472 times. Many of those incidents involved mule deer. An underpass was constructed in this area and completed in 2016. Since then remote cameras have snapped images of wildlife using the underpass including deer, raccoons, coyotes and other small animals, all taking advantage of the safer route. Deer use the Dry Creek underpass along U.S. Route 160 in Colorado in March 2017. Colorado Department of Transportation “At the [Durango] underpass we’re […]


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