U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Nathanael Callon Simon Sinek has a way of seeing through an issue and communicating it in a fresh, piercing way. And this time he’s taken on global warming. No, he hasn’t written another book or filmed a viral TED talk. So far he’s just shared a short video where he answers a question posed to him about climate change. His brief reply is a two-point criticism of the way we’ve understood and communicated climate change, and his insight might just change the way you think about the problem. Global warming has a marketing problem. We’ve learned the hard way that, unfortunately, people aren’t going to just jump on the environmental bandwagon because scientists said they needed to. That’s just not human nature. People need to be convinced, inspired, sold and left to feel like they’ve decided to act out of their own free will and self-interest. The majority of consumers care about how they’ll directly benefit from something. And social issues are no different. We’re just not that selfless — not on a global scale. We’ve done a poor job at marketing the climate crisis to selfish human beings. We’ve confused people […]


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