Mayor John Tory announcing plan to convert 104 Toronto ambulances to hybrid electric. Source: City of Toronto The $2.8-million electrification plan follows an earlier pilot and puts the city on track to have the largest hybrid ambulance fleet in Canada More than 100 Toronto ambulances are being converted to hybrid electric drivetrain systems from diesel, thanks to a joint $2.8-million investment from Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) and the city’s Environment and Energy division. The partners announced the plan on Aug. 21. The federal government is contributing $1.1 million from its Low Carbon Economy Fund while Toronto will draw its $1.7-million portion from the city’s Sustainable Energy Financing Plan. A total of 104 ambulances will undergo hybrid conversions, joining the 11 hybrid ambulances the service introduced in 2018. In addition, a portion of the new funds will be used to outfit 215 ambulances and 60 emergency paramedic response units with solar panels to power and recharge critical on-board medical equipment. Emissions cut When the new equipment is in place, the GHG emissions reduction will equal a total of 2,900 cars being off the road for a year. The solar panels have an estimated life span of 20 years, […]


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