GRAND RAPIDS, MI — The Michigan Attorney General’s lawsuit against major global chemical producers like 3M and DuPont, which made toxic fluorochemicals that have caused widespread pollution, is moving forward. Judge George J. Quist denied multiple dismissal motions, allowing the case to advance following oral arguments on Friday, Aug. 21 in Kent County Circuit Court, according to state attorney general Dana Nessel’s office. The case now moves to discovery, a pre-trial phase in which litigation parties seek documents and other evidence. “We are eager to proceed with discovery and push the case forward now that the defense motions have been denied,” said Nessel in a statement. “The court’s orders affirm that the state can continue to make its case to hold these companies responsible for the impacts of these ‘forever chemicals’ on the environment and on public health.” In January , Nessel sued multiple chemical companies seeking damages for environmental contamination caused by per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAS. The state claims the manufacturers concealed the risks posed by the chemicals and misled the public by promoting subtly-altered chemical varieties as safe alternatives. The case was transferred from Washtenaw County in March. Quist denied eight motions to dismiss last […]


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