A stock ID.3 First Pro Performance equipped with a 58 kWh battery was driven from the factory in Zwickau, Germany to Schaffhausen, Switzerland — a distance of 531 kilometers — without recharging. The official range for that model of the ID.3 is 420 kilometers using the WLTP standard. Behind the wheel was Swiss driver Felix Egolf [what are the odds that someone driving a Volkswagen electric car on a record setting run would be named Egolf?]. Credit: Volkswagen In a press release , Volkswagen refers to Egolf as a noted “hypermiling” driver, whatever that means. The automotive world has long focused on extracting maximum mileage from cars, as witnessed by the Mobil Economy Run that took place in the United States from 1936 until 1968. In that highly competitive environment, drivers sometimes placed an egg between their right foot and the gas pedal to avoid pushing on it too hard. These sorts of events have as much relevance to real world driving as a Tesla drag race against a quarter horse but people have been doing such stunts since the dawn of the automotive era in an attempt burnish the luster of their favorite brand. If sitting behind the […]


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