In an article written by James Morris for Forbes , he answers a question that is often bouncing around online: Why isn’t everyone buying EVs yet? He noted that many excuses offered up for not buying an EV don’t have anything to do with price, but everything to do with fear. Many conversations centering around the idea of owning an EV are often rebuked with excuses such as these: The national grid can’t cope. They catch on fire quickly. They only have a range of 50 miles, especially in the winter. They are built with rare minerals mined by kids in the Congo. Change Can Be Scary I want to share some more quick notes before I break down just how wrong those myths are. Those are common myths that are often used and are sources of fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) about EVs. I see this a lot on Twitter — especially in the Tesla sector. I’ve fought my fair share of FUD before, but sometimes, people are either too stubborn to change or choose to promote ignorance after being presented with facts. The cost is up there, for sure, and that is a major disadvantage, but the […]


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