Under a proposed new rule, dogs would have to be walked for an hour a day in Germany. fotografixx / Getty Images Dog owners in Germany will be required to walk their pets at least twice a day if a proposed new law passes. The country’s agricultural minister Julia Klöckner is proposing legislation that would order dog owners to walk their dogs at least twice a day for a total of an hour or more. The new rules also would forbid owners from leaving their pets home alone all day or leaving them tied up outside for long periods of time. The legislation also includes limits for dog breeders as to the number of dogs they can keep and the minimum and maximum temperatures for their facilities. "Pets are not cuddly toys — and their needs have to be considered," Klöckner said in making the announcement, earlier this week, according to the German news outlet Deutsche Welle . She said her ministry was acting in conjunction with "new scientific research about dogs’ needs." The idea behind the legislation is to make sure the country’s 9.4 million dogs get enough exercise and stay physically and mentally healthy. If passed, the […]


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