The versatile One bag by Wayks is designed to adapt to changing environments and conditions, whether you’re commuting in the city or having an outdoor adventure. It offers users the opportunity to travel with as little luggage as needed without sacrificing flexibility. One bag can be transformed into three different variations of luggage within seconds: a travel backpack, a smaller day pack and a separate pouch for items like toiletries and cameras. The upper part of the bag acts as the main space for storage, providing extra volume through a secure roll-top closure that can expand from 25 liters to 40 liters. There are two side pockets with enough space for a 1.5-liter bottle and a clamshell opening on the back that transforms the bag into a suitcase. The back section includes a padded compartment with a side zipper for a 16-inch laptop, a document sleeve and four additional pockets. There is a detachable back panel designed for longer travel with soft padding for maximum comfort while carrying larger loads and a pair of adjustable back straps. For those who don’t want a thicker strap, the included back straps can be replaced with a thinner version. The bottom compartment […]


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