Job losses and the availability of tax equity are among the industry’s near-term concerns. Gregory Wetstone is president and CEO of the American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE), a Washington, D.C.-based industry group. In the thick of a global pandemic, it’s sometimes hard to predict what the next day holds, let alone the next month or year. Business confidence can be difficult to come by and even more challenging to maintain. Yet when the nation’s most prominent financial institutions and renewable energy development companies were surveyed on their confidence in the renewable sector amid the ongoing impacts of COVID-19, many expressed a strong sense of optimism. Despite near-term concern about the headwinds posed by supply-chain disruptions and other pandemic-related delays, the long-term outlook for renewable energy growth in the U.S. remains bullish. In ACORE’s new analysis, Expectations for Renewable Energy Finance in 2020-2023 , both investors and developers reported confidence in the continued growth of the renewable energy sector over the next three years. The most engaged financial institutions — those investing more than $500 million annually in renewable energy — responded with the highest level of conviction for the sector’s attractiveness and long-term health. These findings may be […]


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