Here are some cannabis greenhouses near Santa Barbara, California on August 6, 2019. Imagine a future where all your weed is grown in tandem with solar energy generation. In a future world, leafy vegetables may not be grown in rows of crops under the sun. Instead, they may be grown indoors beneath tinted semi-transparent solar panels that will allow farmers to grow food and produce energy. That’s the future imagined in a recent study that shows how the use of this technology can benefit farmers and the climate. Semi-transparent solar panels are an emerging area of technology. At least one company offers them as a canopy to put over outdoor spaces. But the new study , published in the journal Advanced Energy Materials earlier this month, explores whether tinted solar panels could work on farms as well, a process part of a larger area of research dubbed agrivoltaics. The authors assessed how growing basil and spinach under the panels works, and the results are encouraging. For the experiment, the team of scientists grew the plants in both a clear glass building and underneath tinted semi-transparent solar panels and compared the results. The panels can filter out the different wavelengths […]


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