Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest man, is spending $10 billion to help combat climate change. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos quietly created a new company to help execute his $10 billion pledge to combat climate change , Recode has learned, offering a clue into the plan known as the Bezos Earth Fund, which has been shrouded in secrecy since it was announced half a year ago. Bezos’s team has started a new limited liability company, Fellowship Ventures LLC, that appears to be involved in the historic philanthropic commitment, according to public records reviewed by Recode. That LLC applied for the trademark — with Bezos’s hand-signed authorization — for the “Bezos Earth Fund” in July, a move that suggests the LLC will be key to his plans, or perhaps even run the charitable program outright. A screenshot from the trademark application filed by Fellowship Ventures LLC. The creation of the company is the first glimpse into the most serious philanthropic play yet by the world’s richest man , even as other details remain hidden. Bezos aides have consistently declined to share any information about his climate change giving — including basic questions about how it will be structured — since it […]


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