Residential flexibility is an "untapped resource," according to Wood Mackenzie. A new residential grid flexibility service available in parts of the U.K. will combine energy storage, vehicle-to-grid and smart EV charging for the first time. The project, led by energy technology firm Kaluza, will trade that flexibility in close to real-time conditions. The program looks to shift EV charging away from times of high demand, while tapping those EV batteries and an existing network of sonnen battery systems to bolster the grid as required. In addition to helping to balance the local grid, consumers will be able to make money by selling power back onto it from their car or home batteries. Kaluza, an independent part of the Ovo utility group, is working with local distribution network Western Power Distribution and the flexibility marketplace NODES. Western Power Distribution serves about 8 million U.K. customers. After a two-year trial that included 300 homes, the flexibility service will be open to any utility operating in WPD’s territory. The ShortFlex trading platform, via Norwegian market operator NODES, offers intra-day flexibility services, rather than the weekly or monthly trading that is more common. As a result, the complex patterns of domestic supply and […]


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