RBC Tech for Nature is a multi-year, global initiative by the RBC Foundation dedicated to preserving the planet’s greatest wealth — our natural ecosystem. It supports new ideas, technologies, and partnerships to address and solve pressing environmental challenges. The impacts of climate change are undeniable, and they affect us all. In recent weeks, with less human activity on our waters, we have seen some incredible sights, like orcas frolicking around in Burrard Inlet. But the reality is that our shared future faces great challenges, and access to clean water is one of them. More than 75% of the planet has been reshaped by human activity, and water is being affected even more than land. In our lifetime, freshwater species have declined by a shocking 83%. These adversities create opportunities for much-needed solutions in the world. Swim Drink Fish is stepping up to make a difference for Canadians. As the country’s leading voice for swimmable, drinkable, and fishable water, the organization represents 2.8 million citizen scientists who are recreational water users. Its mission is simple: to help communities prosper by safeguarding our waters. Founded in 2001, the organization’s top priority is fostering a national movement of active, informed, and engaged […]


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