A Michigan bald eagle proved that nature can still triumph over machines when it attacked and drowned a nearly $1,000 government drone. The rogue eagle tussled with a drone operated by the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) July 21, the department announced Thursday . EGLE asked the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) if it could issue a citation against the eagle, but the department said it had no authority over non-human wildlife . "Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do," a DNR spokesman said. "Nature is a cruel and unforgiving mistress." Shoreline-mapping EGLE #drone sent to watery Lake Michigan grave by U.P. bald eagle: https://t.co/cpt7Gx8kkG… https://t.co/2SeaNgzDIX — Michigan EGLE (@Michigan EGLE) 1597322220.0 The drone, a $950 Phantom 4 Pro Advanced, was helping to map the Lake Michigan shoreline for erosion when the eagle struck. EGLE environmental quality analyst and drone pilot Hunter King said he had commanded the drone to return from a mapping expedition near Escanaba in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula because of weak satellite reception. He was watching it head back through a video screen when the image began to rotate violently. "It was like a really bad rollercoaster ride," King said. When he […]


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