For those of us who tend to think of Nikola as being pretty much a joke (I include myself in that category), it may be time to rethink our position. Construction of the company’s first factory is proceeding apace in Arizona, where it expects to produce 35,000 heavy duty electric trucks a year. And it announced on August 10 that it has signed an agreement with Phoenix-based Republic Services for 2,500 zero emissions all electric refuse trucks, with the possibility of 2,500 more at a later time. Republic is the second largest refuse hauler in the United States. Image credit: Nikola The electric trash trucks will be electronically limited to 1,000 horsepower — nearly three times the power of similar trucks powered by compressed natural gas. The trucks will include both side-loading and front-loading configurations. Typically, companies like Republic order the chassis for their trucks from the manufacturer and the waste hauling body from a separate company, but Nikola will deliver complete trucks to Republic in an industry first. The trucks will have a range of about 150 miles — more than enough to complete their daily routes. According to the company, some of the trucks may have a […]


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