Makers of cigarettes, takeaway coffee cups and other sources of litter will pay for future garbage sweeps, Germany’s environment minister has vowed. A study puts Germany’s clean-up bill at €700 million yearly. Thousands of one way ‘coffee to go’ cups land daily in the garbage before dirthing the city (picture-alliance/ROPI/A. Pisacreta) Environment Minister Svenja Schulze and Germany’s 1,500 local body utilities insisted Thursday the future bills should be paid by suppliers whose throwaways end up quickly littering the landscape or in communal trash bins. It was "only fair, that we disburden citizens and in turn ask the one-way manufacturers to front up on costs," Schulze told a Berlin press briefing. In reaction, Germany’s BVE foodstuffs federation acknowledged the EU’s waste recycling strategy, including a 2019 directive against single-use plastics, but said it was "no free ticket" for local bodies to then present "extensive" financial demands. Michael Ebling, who is president of the German Association of Local Utilities (VKU) and mayor of the city of Mainz, said the association’s study showed that one-way plastics made up a fifth of Germany’s total waste collected on streets and in parks. Local bodies’ total clean-up bill was €700 million ($834 million). Cigarette butt […]


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