The state of Louisiana will aim to achieve net-zero emissions statewide by 2050 under a new executive order signed by the state’s Democratic governor. The order, signed by John Bel Edwards, establishes a task force to make recommendations for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and to help the state reach intermediate targets. The state aims to reach at least a 26 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2025 compared to 2005 figures. Five years later, it aims to have reduced emissions by at least 40 percent of the 2005 figure. The state cited, among other reasoning, the need to protect the state from the impacts of rising sea levels. A significant part of Louisiana’s economy is based on oil and gas production, an industry known to have many greenhouse gas emissions. However, Harry Vorhoff, the deputy director for the governor’s office of coastal activity, said the state hopes to work with industry to achieve its goals. He cited carbon capture technology as one possible fix. “Our plan is to pull them in and have their engagement on the task force,” Vorhoff said of the industry. The net-zero goal puts the state in line with similar nationwide targets […]


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