Ulta Beauty has 1,264 retail stores across 50 states in the US | Credit: Mike Mozart Loop from TerraCycle is partnering with Ulta to design circular packaging, combating the industries plastic waste problem The beauty industry has a plastic waste problem. And it knows it. A quick Google search brings up articles from Allure , National Geographic , Forbes , Teen Vogue and 31,800,000 other results about the issue. It seems those concerns have finally reached a critical mass, inspiring a sustainability makeover at three of the biggest beauty brands in the business: Sephora, Natura & Co, and Ulta Beauty. Last year, Sephora launched Clean at Sephora, a label that originally screened for 13 ingredients considered "unclean" but in July was expanded to over 50 substances, including butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA), sulfates, mercury, talc, aluminum salts and lead. The company announced a partnership this week with the Environmental Defense Fund to continue the reduction of toxic chemicals in its products. Sephora reported that 94 percent of its products contain no high-priority chemicals laid out by its chemical policy, and 13 percent more products on its shelves release ingredient information compared to last year. Sephora also recently took action on the […]


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