Covid-19 has provided a crucial opportunity to make drastic changes to tackle climate change, experts behind this year’s Royal Institution Christmas lectures have said. The talks, Planet Earth: A User’s Guide, will take audiences on a deep dive into our planet’s workings, from rock formation and Earth’s ancient climate, to the fundamental role of the oceans and the makeup of the air we breathe. Each of the three lectures will be presented by a different scientist from a trio of experts: the oceanographer Dr Helen Czerski, environmental scientist Dr Tara Shine and geologist Prof Chris Jackson. “What gets the three of us really excited is that we’re not going to tell you about all these parts in isolation, we’re trying to paint for you a picture of how our planetary system works and where we are as one species within that,” said Shine, speaking over Zoom from Ireland. Joining the conversation with a large image of a bioluminescent bigfin squid behind her, Czerski said she hoped her lecture would encourage viewers to see oceans were more than just the “blue bit” of the planet but the heart of its engine. “The reservoir of water the Earth has, that’s its […]


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