sweat on forehead Does comfort have to come at the cost of climate change? Before you dismiss this article as another commentary hyping up climate change and calling out the world’s governments for their lack of action, I would like to assure you that … you are absolutely spot on . But, the inaction of others is no reason for us to stop trying (or not try at all). We decided to tackle climate change at home by reducing our air conditioner usage. Read on to find out how we managed to cool down our house without air conditioner! (We actually tried them out ourselves. The results will surprise you!) Let’s Do This Is Climate Change Real? It hasn’t been a good year for the Earth. No, actually it hasn’t been a good century for this planet we call home. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change ( IPCC ) stated that the “scientific evidence for global warming is unequivocal”. Indeed the calls by scientists for us to pay attention have been getting louder. And in recent years, these have become increasingly frantic. Look at the rise in global temperatures, they say . Our oceans are warming up. Our ice […]


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