A resident works in the vegetable garden of the Favela Nova Esperanca – a "green favela" which reuses everything and is subject to the ethics of permaculture – in the outskirts of Sao Paulo, Brazil, on Feb. 14, 2020. NELSON ALMEIDA / AFP via Getty Images Farmers are the stewards of our planet’s precious soil , one of the least understood and untapped defenses against climate change . Because of its massive potential to store carbon and foundational role in growing our food supply, soil makes farming a solution for both climate change and food security . The Threat to Food Security Farming is capital-intensive and farmers are at the mercy of volatile global commodity markets, trade disputes, regulatory changes, weather, pests and disease. Factor in climate change and you can include droughts, floods and temperature shifts. We need to change how we grow our food because: climate change will increasingly impact farm yields how we farm can help mitigate climate change helping our farmers unlock the full potential of soil will help them meet growing food demands while remaining profitable restoring the carbon-holding potential of our soil combats climate change. Soil and Climate Change The last few years […]


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