Families everywhere agree that camping is a wonderful way to spend time together. Spending time outside in a different environment is a great way to reset, both physically and emotionally. Additionally, camping requires teamwork, which is a healthy skill for kids to learn. It can be a challenge to set up a tent, carry all the water you need, and cook over a fire, but those challenges are opportunities for confidence-building. Being together outdoors is a way to have healthy, creative fun as a family. Ready to get started? Check out these sanity-saving ways to have fun and keep kids safe! Maintaining Sanity When Camping With Kids Be Flexible Like any family outing, camping requires flexibility and a willingness to adapt to the situation. With a little planning, it is easy to reduce some of the stress kids might feel when trying something new. Keep your camping trips short, especially if it is your first time camping with kids, and remember that it is okay to leave early! Talk with your kids about what will be the same and what will be different. What will be the same? We will be together; we will still eat breakfast, lunch and […]


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