©. Patagonia Its new project, Patagonia Action Works, is a ‘dating site’ to connect environmental protection groups and wannabe activists. You’ve really got to hand it to Patagonia . Somehow, this major outdoor gear retailer has managed to maintain ethical production and environmental standards that far exceed those of its rivals, while staying active and relevant in a broad range of environmental fights. When it comes to Patagonia, its involvement in political issues seems genuine, not just a publicity stunt. Impressively, the company does not shy away from taking a strong stance, as shown in its recent " The President Stole Your Land " campaign. Its latest project is called ‘ Patagonia Action Works ,’ and it is essentially a dating site (this is what CEO and founder Yvon Chouinard called it, jokingly) for environmental protection organizations and wannabe activists. The site allows visitors to search different geographical regions and get connected with groups engaged in a wide range of environmental protection work. As Chouinard says in the promo video: "I’ve always known that the cure for depression is action. Patagonia’s reason for existence is to force government and corporations to take action in solving our environmental problems… We’ve […]


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