A conservation group captured images of endangered tigers in a region of western Thailand for the first time in nearly four years, renewing hopes that efforts to protect the beleaguered species are paying off. Panthera , an environmental group focused on protecting big cats, said camera traps captured footage of three young Indochinese tigers earlier this year. The images, which include a tiger looking directly into a camera and another of a tiger padding across the screen at night, were hailed by local lawmakers. “These sightings are extremely encouraging for the future of tigers in our country and beyond,” Saksit Simcharoen, an official with Thailand’s national parks system, said in a statement. “These tigers are in a precarious situation. Sustained and stronger protection of this area from poaching activity of any kind is the key to ensuring these individuals live on, helping Thailand’s tigers to rebound.” The images were captured in partnership with Thailand’s Department of National Parks and the Zoological Society of London, and were released to coincide with Global Tiger Day. Panthera Panthera captured these images of tigers in western Thailand, the first seen in the region in years. Panthera “The most important thing is that they […]


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