Moving cargo around creates a lot of carbon emissions. The ships that travel the seas spew massive clouds of CO2, particulates, and sulfur dioxide emissions in their wake. The cranes that load and unload those seagoing monsters contribute their own share of pollutants, while the drayage trucks that shuttle containers around make the surrounding air unfit to breathe. Then many of the consumer goods that keep the economy humming get sent on cross country journeys in semi-trailers pulled by snorting diesel tractors. If there is one area where efforts to reduce the emissions from the transportation sector could score big successes, it is the freight industry. Electric Semi-Trailers Newton eTrailer electric axle, image credit: Trailer Dynamics China’s Contemporary Amperex Technology and Germany’s Trailer Dynamics have signed a battery supply agreement for a new way to electrify long haul trucks. According to a press release , CATL will develop, manufacture, and supply batteries for the Newton eTrailer , which will feature an electrified drive axle to help cut emissions while delivering freight. The first eTrailers will be available in 2023. The eTrailer will have a 300 kWh lithium iron phosphate battery with an integrated cooling system. A power density of […]


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