1 Min Video: 6 Min Video: 22 Min Video: At 130k miles, it ran, rolled, and stopped. Two Rolls-Royce mechanics diagnosed the car with problems like three bad cylinders, frozen/dragging brakes, and other issues requiring a significant overhaul. That led to exploring all options for a resto-mod. SHIFT EV was engaged to perform a deep Model S swap, not just the drive system. If that wasn’t challenging enough, an obvious priority was to respect Johnny’s car by preserving it’s exterior and interior. A new Tesla Model S was purchased specifically for this project. Test drives of the converted Rolls-Royce began in the Fall of 2019. The powerful and shiftless drive enhances the already ultra-smooth Rolls-Royce ride. It has a respectable range of over 200 miles, but this accomplishment is on a whole new level. The car is also equipped with Tesla luxuries like ABS, TPMS, traction control, stability control, and all-electric power steering, brakes, heat, air conditioning, and more. It is arguably the most high-tech 1970 Rolls-Royce on the road, Johnny’s car is now quicker, more reliable, and stops faster. We think he would approve of the updates, assembled "one piece at a time". Until it was finished, it […]


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