I am all about Cycling Micro-Adventures at the moment. A concept I read about on a blog from Alistair Humphreys. Video at the end of the post. The idea is that we as humans crave adventure and connection and you don’t need to dream of driving route 66 when you can cycle, explore and make real connections in your own town, village or City. It was because of this video that I arrived at Blakemere Craft Centre yesterday (Sunday) on a bike ride. I was with a new friend I had met when we both arrived at a local coffee shop at a similar time on our bikes. We got talking and the bike ride was at a social distance too. I’ve now agreed to go on a longer adventure with a few others to Winnets Pass. I’m not worried about the training as I cycle everyday. This will come from just nipping to the shop to get some milk. Earlier in the week a friend on Facebook had suggested I talk to someone she knew regarding the Car Free Guide. I was outside the same cafe on my way to see the kids, when a fella comes bounding […]


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