The new highway is being laid on Lowther Street in Carlisle city centre Construction of the "UK’s first" highway made partly from waste plastic is now underway in Carlisle, where asphalt specialist MacRebur is working with Cumbria County Council to cover just over 3,000 square metres of the road network. Covering Lowther Street in Carlisle city centre, MacRebur expects to use approximately 240,000 single-use plastic bags that would otherwise have gone to landfill as a raw material for the project, processing, granulating and combining the waste material with asphalt for use in road construction and surfacing, it explained. The use of plastic in asphalt has a number of benefits, according to the firm, including better resistence to contraction and expansion caused by changes in the weather, reducing cracks and potholes. And, as well as diverting waste plastic from landfill, the process also replaces some of the bitumen used in the asphalt, thereby reducing the use of fossil fuels and cutting the overall carbon emissions from highway construction, it added. "After first starting trials in January 2019, it is brilliant to see the first waste plastic highway take form in Carlisle," said MacRebur CEO Toby McCartney. "Implementing waste plastic roads […]


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