Three white-backed vultures rehabilitated at a specialist center after being poisoned late last year have been released back into the wild in South Africa. The birds were among those rescued from mass poisonings that killed 51 others across northern KwaZulu-Natal province late last year. Many vulture populations across Africa are in steep decline; poisoning by farmers aimed at other predators is a leading cause. Swift reporting of poisoning enables sites to be decontaminated, limiting the number of vultures and other species affected. Three critically endangered African white-backed vultures saved from poisoning last year have been released back into the wild in Zululand, South Africa. Those involved in local vulture conservation have welcomed the release as a crucial step to helping the species survive. The trio were saved from separate poisoning incidents that claimed the lives of 51 birds in total in northern KwaZulu-Natal province between October and December last year. A specialist poison response team from local conservation group Wildlife ACT, which works closely with Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife (the provincial government’s conservation agency), farmers and local communities, and other conservation groups to protect three endangered vulture species in KwaZulu-Natal , took them to special facilities where they were treated […]


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