It’s named Henry, "after Bonnie Henry, of course, because she’s awesome." Screenshot / YouTube A Vancouver local is proving that even a pandemic can’t put a wrench in his creativity. Tyler Dwyer set himself the challenge of building a robot inside his downtown apartment when the COVID-19 shutdown started, with a grand plan to combat global warming. "With global warming the biggest issue is it’s just big, it’s really big. The solution to it is fairly easy. You take a whole bunch of CO2 out of the atmosphere and you’re good. But the amount of CO2 you need to take out of the atmosphere is just ridiculous. "From my perspective, there’s very little we humans are going to be able to do about that. It’s just too big of a problem, so to handle the scale of it – robots. Robots can handle the scale – both in the scale of sheer quantity of carbon, just moving the carbon around, but also over time because it’s going to take decades, if not centuries to correct, so there’s the scale of time there too." The 33-year-old was laid off from his job at the beginning of the pandemic, and decided […]


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