Many Canadians pursuing more sustainable and healthier lifestyle options have made the transition to plant-based diets in recent years. Others are consciously exploring plant-based meat alternatives as time goes on. Protein — and getting enough of it through nutritious sources — is often a concern with meat-free diets. This got the team behind Vancouver-based company Pontus Water Lentils thinking about alternative sources of protein that could remain sustainable in the long run. Taking an innovative approach to agriculture, the company is creating its own state-of-the-art bio-secure farms. They operate with a method of farming called aquaponics, which combines hydroponics (plants grown in water) with aquaculture (fish farming). Pontus Protein Powder, a pure and nutrient-dense non-GMO plant protein grown in this environment, is the first alternative being produced in these farms by Pontus. Canadians who are interested in investing now have the opportunity to back the product and support the building of a 10,000 sq ft facility for its production. A post shared by Pontus Water Lentils (@pontuswaterlentilsltd) on Jan 28, 2020 at 5:54pm PST As a 100% organic and pesticide-free alternative to plant-based protein, Pontus Protein Powder is made with the help of automatically controlled machine learning and AI […]


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