A decade ago when the EV revolution first began, people were running around warning that there was not enough lithium available in the world to meet the demand. China was buying up all the lithium rights it could find all over the world, particularly in South America, and there were dark rumblings about future wars being fought over lithium instead of oil. Some well informed people pointed out that lithium is one of the Earth’s most abundant minerals and that historically, when there is demand, new ways are found of extracting minerals wherever they may be found. Aluminum, iron, and copper do not occur in their pure form naturally. They have to be separated from raw materials like bauxite, iron ore, or azurite. The curtain falls and time passes. Now it’s 2020. New and novel ways are being found to extract commercial-grade lithium from what otherwise are industrial waste products. Researchers at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany are using a new process to extract lithium from the groundwater used by geothermal energy plants in the Upper Rhine area. Ordinarily, after making heat or electricity, that water is pumped back underground, even though it contains quite a lot […]


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