The iconic grizzly bears of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem still exist because of the Endangered Species Act, even as the landmark law that has helped the bears survive becomes increasingly threatened. For decades, Tom Mangelsen has traveled the world documenting disappearing wildlife. But at his home in Jackson, Wyoming, he has witnessed the reverse: the return of an icon of the wild. The survival of the Yellowstone grizzlies owes to protections brought by the Endangered Species Act—and to efforts by the American public who have fought for years for the species to retain those needed protections. “Before sunrise one morning in 2006, my yellow lab Loup started barking frantically at the foot of my bed. “I saw this bear standing face-to-face with my dog, with only the glass between them. “I realized that it was a grizzly bear.” “It was just staring as my dog was dancing around, being frantic. “And then the bear just walked off into the darkness.” Grizzly 399 pauses in her foraging among the sagebrush. “Later on, my assistant and I went up to try and see the bear and, sure enough, the bear was eating a moose carcass at the Oxbow Bend in Grand […]


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