New York City architecture studio New Affiliates has launched an initiative to reuse large-scale models for garden sheds and community spaces in the borough of Queens . New Affiliates and architect and historian Samuel Stewart-Halevy created the Testbeds project to repurpose architecture models from luxury real estate projects in the city, which are often built of durable and high-end materials but soon discarded, and turn them into community projects like garden sheds and classrooms. The concept was developed after they realised the similar sizes between such mockup structures and existing sheds around New York. They wanted to reuse the designs that typically go to waste for projects in underserved communities. "While mockups often consist of high-end and resilient materials, they are usually discarded after undergoing a series of reviews," the team said. "A significant amount of waste results." The programme is a way to funnel "architectural resources from New York’s luxury real estate market to neighbourhoods in the outer boroughs that have been historically disinvested," it added. A pilot programme is currently underway in Queens at Edgemere Coalition Community Garden with New York City Parks’ GreenThumb division that supports over 550 gardens in the city. The mockup model sourced […]


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