Post covid era is approaching. The quiet slow days of quarantine are over, replaced by our habitual frenetic plans and busy working days instead. Traveling—a scary and far away thought during covid—is suddenly back on the agenda. So how can we reinvent the art of travel? There is a certain nostalgia of the old ways of travelling. The effort it took to cross borders, to feel nature as landscapes changed before you, to understand the arrays of cultures influencing one another. Today, travel is homogenous. Airports are all the same, duty free worldwide sell you most of the same products. When you arrive in a foreign land you pretty much know what to expect. Travelling to the other side of the world suddenly doesn’t seem like a remote adventure anymore. It’s effortless and predictable. Yet, the journey does matter more than the destination, and slow travel can prove just that. If you’re planning a post-covid getaway why not take the time to get there? Take a train for the scenic rides, or embark on an epic road trip. Take the time to enjoy every stop, each encounter and all the mishaps. In the end its always the unplanned adventures, […]


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