The electricity interconnector will run from Bicker Fen, Lincolnshire to a substation, Revsing, in South Jutland, Denmark ( ) Construction work has begun on what will become the world’s longest electricity interconnector, which will allow clean energy to travel between the the UK and Denmark. The £1.8bn Viking Link interconnector project is a high-voltage direct-current link which will connect the two countries, and represents a “major milestone” in the UK’s efforts to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions , according to the National Grid . The project, set to be completed in 2023, will run cables 475 miles (765km) under the sea between Bicker Fen in Lincolnshire, England and Revsing in South Jutland, Denmark. It is a collaborative project between the UK’s National Grid and the Danish electricity system owner and operator, Energinet. Denmark has significant wind power resources and the scheme means that Danish wind farms could soon power one-and-a-half million UK homes. The system will also allow the UK to export energy. Siemens Energy has been appointed to construct the UK and Denmark converter stations on both ends of the interconnector link. Building work has now begun with the creation of a one and a half […]


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