Formerly the host of popular kids science show; now host of the podcast "Science Rules!" Nye, who currently hosts the podcast , says that neither issue can be understood without experts. We have to rely on scientists to discern the role of climate change in a flood or heat wave , or to determine if our cough is a sign of the coronavirus or just seasonal allergies. When people prize their own intuition over expert opinion, they make poor decisions, Nye notes, pointing to a news story about an Oklahoma man who refused to wear a mask even after seeing his friend die of the coronavirus. “When you tell someone that you need to have a scientist to explain this, and then you have people on the other side saying your opinion is every bit as good as a scientist’s, it’s not resolvable,” he says. I was around when the US decided to stop teaching the metric system, to take solar panels off the White House, produce both the Ford Pinto and the Chevy Vega, and I was very concerned about it. Nye says that fossil fuel companies bear a lot of the blame for sowing mistrust in science […]


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