The most controversial stock on Wall Street could be about to go mainstream. Superfans and super-haters have long been waging a financial war over the future of Tesla, placing big bets on whether CEO Elon Musk would transform the world or crash and burn. (So far, the Tesla haters have lost a lot of money in this battle.) The stock had a particularly wild ride in the first half of this year. Now, if Tesla reports another quarterly profit this week, as is widely expected, the company will have cleared the last big hurdle for entry into the S&P 500, the enormously influential index of 500 huge corporations. And if the company gets added to the index, millions of people with retirement savings — whether they love Musk, hate him or have never heard of him — would have a tiny stake in the future of Tesla. Soaring stock values Warren Buffett is famous for his careful investment decisions, based on evaluating a company’s underlying value. Musk says that kind of analysis is important, but … "I mean, it’s kind of a boring job, if you ask me," Musk told podcaster Joe Rogan in May . Musk doesn’t do […]


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